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Trinkets are NFTs that are used to craft Cosmetics. Each trinket will be seen in-game as a material or object that relates to the Cosmetic. Once a Cosmetic is crafted, the Trinkets used disappear from the Leader’s inventory. Many Cosmetics can be made with the same Trinkets, though some Trinkets will be unique to certain Cosmetics.

Types of Trinkets[]

Raw Materials[]

Raw Materials are the most common type of Trinket. Almost all Cosmetics will require Raw Materials in order to craft.

Trinket Rarity
Bronze Common
Clay Common
Copper Common
Glass Common
Jade Common
Leather Common
Limestone Common
Paper Common
Plaster Common
Silk Common
Silver Common
Steel Common
Stump Common
Turquoise Common
Wool Common


Tools are all less common than Raw Materials, and are usually used for crafting Architecture or Clothing.

Trinket Rarity
Chisel Uncommon
Hammer Uncommon
Knife Uncommon
Needle Uncommon
Paintbrush Uncommon
Reed Pen Uncommon


Objects are fairly common and represent a wide range of materials for making Cosmetics. Like Raw Materials, they are needed for almost every Cosmetic.

Trinket Rarity
Bird Common
Boat Common
Bridge Common
Camel Common
Candle Common
Cat Common
Crown Common
Cube Common
Cup Common
Dragon Common
Elephant Common
Feather Common
Fire Common
Flower Common
Horse Common
Loom Common
Mask Common
Serpent Common
Star Common
Sword Common
Throne Common


Blueprints represent specialized Trinkets for crafting specific Cosmetics, and thus come in a variety of different rarities. They are essential for crafting Borders, Crests, Architecture, and Clothing.

Trinket Type Rarity
Border Border Rare
Banner Crest Uncommon
Emblem Crest Rare
Flag Crest Uncommon
Shield Crest Rare
2-Handed Infantry Clothing Rare
Archer Clothing Rare
Heavy Archer Clothing Ultra Rare
Heavy Cavalry Clothing Ultra Rare
Light Cavalry Clothing Rare
Scholar Clothing Ultra Rare
Settler Clothing Ultra Rare
Siege Clothing Rare
Spear Infantry Clothing Rare
Sword Infantry Clothing Rare
Wagon Clothing Rare
Bank Architecture Ultra Rare
Barracks Architecture Ultra Rare
City Hall Architecture Ultra Rare
Houses Architecture Rare
Walls Architecture Rare
Warehouse Architecture Ultra Rare
Workshop Architecture Ultra Rare


Paint Trinkets determine the color of any Cosmetic crafted. They differ widely in rarity. While all Cosmetics require at least one Paint Trinket, Borders and Crests require two.

Trinket Rarity
Black Paint Ultra Rare
Blue Paint Uncommon
Gold Paint Mythic
Green Paint Rare
Grey Paint Ultra Rare
Orange Paint Rare
Pink Paint Rare
Purple Paint Ultra Rare
Red Paint Uncommon
Silver Paint Mythic
Tan Paint Uncommon
White Paint Ultra Rare
Yellow Paint Uncommon


Trinkets come in different rarities. This determines their drop rate from Chests.

Getting Trinkets[]

Currently, Trinkets can only be obtained through purchasing Chests at the in-game Shop with Gold. Different Chest tiers will offer Trinkets of different rarities.