CryptoCrusades Wiki

Trading is a major aspect of CryptoCrusades gameplay involving the exchange of Resources and potentially other items in the future. Currently, it allows Leaders to trade their Resources for other types of Resources by creating or accepting Trade Offers. All trade is conducted through the Market, a Building located in the Leader’s Capital City.

Creating an Offer[]

Any trade involves a Trade Offer, and the simplest way to start trading is for a Leader to create their own. On the Create an Offer interface, Leaders can set which Resource they want and which Resource they will sell as well as the quantities for each. The ratio of the trade is shown in the center to give the Leader a good idea of whether or not the trade is favorable. The amount of Resources that can be traded in the Offer is dependent on the Leader’s Cargo Capacity.

Offer Board[]

Leaders can access the Offer Board in order to browse through Offers made by other Leaders. Every Offer displays the Resources involved and the related ratio. Tapping an Offer shows more information, such as the Leader who created the Offer and the time required to facilitate the trade. The Leader can accept the Offer and send out a Caravan to facilitate the trade.

If a Leader wants to find specific Trade Offers, they can filter the results by Resource type.


A Leader’s ability to trade from their Market is dictated by Caravans. A Caravan, represented by a camel in-game, represents a chance for a Leader to create or accept an Offer. Any and all Caravans owned by the leader will be shown in the main Market interface, showing their relevant status (idle, waiting for trade, on their way to trade, arrived).

The amount of Resources that a Caravan can carry during any given trade is called Cargo Capacity. This amount is shown at the bottom left corner of the Create an Offer interface. When browsing the Offer Board, Offers that exceed the Leader’s Cargo Capacity will display red numbers and have an icon that shows it can’t be accepted.