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Towns are Settlements that can be established by Leaders to expand their Empire's territory past their Capital Cities. They function similarly to Capital Cities in that they can Harvest Resources and recruit Units, but are otherwise very limited in their functionality. Additionally, they can also be Conquered or Razed by other Leaders.


The main functionality of Towns is to increase the Resource Yield of an Empire. While this is done by Harvesting from a Town's tiles, building Town Buildings on the empty slots found in Towns can also enhance their Resource Yield. Towns also provide launching points for Attack Missions.

Acquiring Towns[]

There are two methods that Leaders can employ to acquire Towns: establishing a Town or Conquering another Leader's Town. Both require the aid of a Settler, which can be recruited from the Barracks. When establishing a Town, Leaders can select an open tile to settle and send out an army with the Settler in tow; this army will become the Town's defensive forces once it's been established. Additionally, Leaders can send Attack Missions to enemy Towns and attempt to Conquer them; if they have a Settler in the army, the Settler will allow the attacking Leader to acclimate the Town into their Empire.