CryptoCrusades Wiki

The hextile Earth is made up of tens of thousands of hexagon tiles. There are six different tile types on the overworld. Each tile generates a certain amount of resources four times a day (every six hours.) 

Tile Base Resource Generation Notes
Grassland 🌾3   ⌚6
Forest 🌾1   🌴2 ⌚6
Hills 🌾1   🗿1 🌴1   ⌚6
Mountain 🗿1   🌟1 ⌚6 Cannot build settlement
Desert 🗿2   ⌚6 Cannot build settlement
Water 🌾2   ⌚6 Cannot build settlement

Grassland, Forest, and Hills tiles are relatively common, while Mountain and Desert tiles are rarer. Mountains are the only non-Settlement tiles which produce Inspiration. Settlements by Water and Grassland tiles are able to support larger armies, whereas Settlements by Forest, Desert, and Hill tiles may have the advantage when it comes to upgrading buildings or producing siege units.