Settlements Edit

Settlement is a player-controlled tile that can harvest Resources from surrounding tiles. A Settlement serves as an administrative base of an empire. It can be attacked, defended, and its buildings can be upgraded. Heroes and Relics can be stored within a Settlement to boost Combat abilities, harvesting Resources and increasing daily Airdrop shares. There are several types of settlements: Genesis Cities, Capitals, Towns and Ruins.

Types of Settlements Edit

Genesis Cities Edit

Genesis Cities are unique, named Capital Cities with set locations that are available for purchase on OpenSea during scheduled auction periods.They are based on historical versions of modern day cities. Each Genesis City is an NFT, which can be bought and sold at the player's discretion. This means that if a Genesis City becomes valuable, it can be sold to another player. As an NFT, it can also be used in other applications given partnerships with other games. Genesis Cities guarantee a competitive spot with access to Resources, provide increased Airdrop shares and have unique heritage architecture and unit skins based on the people who once lived in its historical location. They also come with a Hero and Relic. Because of their limited availability and unique properties, they have the potential to become valuable monetary investments. 

Capitals Edit

Capitals are the seat of a player's empire. A Capital City is directly linked to the player's Account and Ethereum Wallet. It is where Policies can be managed in the City Hall and uniquely hosts the Bank. For the chance to steal Gold from an enemy player, the defending player's Capital City must fall in Combat. Despite losing a battle, a Capital City can never be destroyed by an enemy player, only weakened. When first founded, it must be placed at least 3 tiles away from other Settlements, including those of other players.  

Towns Edit

Towns are Settlements built outside of the Capital City using the Settler. They are capable of harvesting additional Resources and hosting Relics and Heroes. Players can attack an enemy's Towns with a chance of stealing Resources and Relics. Towns can be destroyed by other players. When founding a Town, it must be located at least 2 tiles away from the player's Capital and other Towns. It must be 3 tiles away from enemy player's Capital and 2 tiles away from their Towns. 

Ruins Edit

Ruins are Capitals that have been abandoned by their player. If a Settlement remains inactive for an extended period of time, it becomes a Ruin. Ruins are not capable of participating in the game. This means that a Ruin cannot engage in Combat, Trade, collect Resources or any other basic functions. The Towns connected to the Ruined Capital will be removed and ownership of Tiles outside the Capital City are forfeit. The Player's Heroes, Relics and other NFTs will continue to be stored in the player's Wallet, so they are not lost.

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