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Settlements are structures in the world of CryptoCrusades controlled by the Leader of an Empire. They are the building blocks of Empire management where most gameplay takes place. All Buildings are found in Settlements, and they act as launching points for Attack Missions.

Surrounding the core of the Settlement’s tile is its territory, encompassing six tiles adjacent to the core. The Raw Yield of these tiles contributes to a Settlement’s Resource Yield, the number that determines how many of which resources the Settlement produces when Harvesting.

CryptoCrusades has three types of Settlements: Capital Cities, Towns, and Genesis Cities.

Capital Cities[]

The Capital City is the core of a Leader’s Empire where the Empire’s most important Buildings can be found. After completing the opening Tutorial, the Leader’s Capital City will be randomly placed in an empty tile somewhere in the world. From there, they can begin the work of Harvesting Resources, recruiting Units, and managing their Empire generally.

Since Capital Cities are the core of an Empire, they have special protections that other Settlements don’t have. For example, they cannot be Conquered or Razed by other Leaders, though they can be Thieved for Resources. Since Capital Cities hold an Empire’s Bank, they are large targets for Thieving, so it is advised to make sure they are properly defended.


Towns are Settlements that Leaders can establish with the help of a Settler. The main role of Towns is to expand the territory of an Empire, increase Resource Yield, and provide launching points for armies. Each Town has a Barracks when it is established, as well as five other slots for building Town Buildings that increase the Town’s Resource Yield. 

In order to establish a Town, a Leader must first recruit a Settler from the Barracks. Once the Settler is recruited, they can be sent out on a Settle Mission from the Barracks, along with any Units the Leader wants to defend the new Settlement. On the world map the Leader must find a suitable location for the Settlement. They can tap several tiles to judge potential Resource Yield, and once they find a suitable location the Settler’s army will be sent out.

Since they are auxiliary to Capital Cities, Towns are vulnerable to being Conquered or Razed. This means that it is in a Leader’s best interest to keep their Towns well-defended, otherwise they might lose them to other Empires.

Genesis Cities[]

See main article on Genesis Cities[]

Genesis Cities are a unique type of Capital City that also act at unique NFTs with set locations in the world of CryptoCrusades. There will be 88 in total, each representing a historical medieval city and possessing their own unique Genesis Clothing and Genesis Architecture. They can be obtained through occasional auctions on OpenSea, where anywhere from 7-10 can be bid upon at a time.

While Genesis Cities have been already placed within the game, they will not be active until the game is officially launched. As premium NFTs, Genesis Cities serve three main purposes: they allow Leaders to acquire a good location for the Capital City when the game launches, they serve as valuable investments that accrue value as time goes on, and bidding on one goes to support the CryptoCrusades dev team.