CryptoCrusades Wiki

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are a blockchain technology that is used to create valuable assets within CryptoCrusades. In addition to having inherent value as investments, they also serve an important role in the game, allowing Leaders to create their own decorative items and more. Leaders will be able to purchase NFTs directly from the Shop or craft them.

NFTS in CryptoCrusades[]

Currently, there are three types of NFTs available in CryptoCrusades:


List of all Trinkets

An image showing icons for all currently available Trinkets

Trinkets are small NFTs that act as building blocks for crafting other NFTs. Representing a wide range of uses from Blueprints to Paints, they can be purchased from the Shop via Chests. In the future, Leaders will also be able to obtain Trinkets through in-game means.


List of all Cosmetics

An image showing icons for all currently available Cosmetics

Cosmetics are NFTs that are crafted using Trinkets, Gold, and Inspiration. While Cosmetics don’t affect gameplay, they can be used to customize your Empire. The current available Cosmetics include Borders, Crests, Clothing, and Architecture.

Genesis Cities[]

List of all Genesis Cities

London, one of the many Genesis Cities in the Thatched Architecture style

Genesis Cities are unique Capital Cities that Leaders can bid for in auctions held on OpenSea. Each represents a historical city from the Middle Ages and has exclusive Genesis Clothing and Architecture Cosmetics. Acquiring a Genesis City will not only guarantee a valuable spot in the game upon launch, but is also an investment that helps support the CryptoCrusades dev team.

Crafting NFTs[]

Obtaining Trinkets[]

In the Workshop, two types of Cosmetics (Clothing and Architecture) are shown at different stages of progress

Currently, Trinkets can only be obtained through spending Gold on Chests at the in-game Shop. Gold can be earned in a variety of ways: through Tariffs, Thieving, or purchasing from the Shop with real-world currency. Different Chest tiers contain Trinkets of different qualities, with the higher tier Chests granting higher chances to get rarer Trinkets.


Cosmetics can be crafted in the Workshop once it reaches Lv. 5. Any Trinkets a Leader owns will be stored here and can be viewed from the Trinkets menu. To craft, you can either select a Cosmetic type from the main Workshop menu or from the NFTs submenu.

Crafting a Cosmetic requires different combinations of Trinkets, usually at least one Paint Trinket and Trinkets of other types, as well as Inspiration and Gold. Once a Leader has the necessary materials, crafting usually takes about 5 seconds on average. Any crafted Cosmetics can be equipped form the NFT submenu.