CryptoCrusades Wiki

What they do[]

  • Heroes give bonuses to an army or city. Examples of these bonuses include increased attack, troop speed, resource generation, defense, trinket rarity, etc. 
  • A city buffing hero will only buff the city it is garrisoned in. If a hero that buffs armies is garrisoned in a city, the garrisoned troops in that city receive the buff. If the hero that buffs armies travels with an army to attack a city, the hero joins and buffs them. In this case, the hero still belongs to the city it departed from, so other heroes cannot be appointed to that city until the hero returns. The hero travels at the same speed as the troops it travels with. 
  • Heroes cannot die in battle. 
  • You can own multiple heroes, but each city can only have one hero assigned at a time. If the player has enough heroes, each city must have a hero in its temple. If there are more cities than heroes, the player can choose which cities the heroes go in. 
  • If the player does not have extra heroes, they are still able to change heroes in a temple. If they choose a hero that is already appointed to another city, then the heroes are switched. 
  • Each hero has a special move that you can use once. This could cast an attack other cities, protect defended units after a battle, summon heroes instantly, etc. After using their special move, the hero retires and disappears from your temple or army. The trinkets are returned to the pool of trinkets. 


  • There are 32 different heroes. 8 common, 16 rare, and 8 ultra rare. This makes 32 in total. Because of the 8 regions, there will be 4 heroes per region. Each common relic will have 100 of each variation, each rare will have 20, and each ultra rare will be unique and have one variation. There will be 1128 heroes in total. 

List of Heroes and Buffs

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