CryptoCrusades Wiki

icon Gold is a special resource that acts as a currency used for different purposes in CryptoCrusades. It is a required resource for crafting NFTs, purchasing icon Policy Points, and making purchases from the in-game Shop. While it is an important part of the in-game economy, Gold is NOT a cryptocurrency and is exclusively for use in CryptoCrusades.

Obtaining Gold[]

Gold is obtained through many different means.

icon Tariffs[]

The first is through the Bank: Gold Tariffs can be collected from the Bank after performing different actions, such as Harvesting Resources, Thieving from other Banks, and crafting NFTs. Each Tariff Source is unlocked after your Bank reaches a certain level.

icon Thieving[]

Secondly, Gold can also be Thieved from enemy Capital Cities as long as the attacking army has a Wagon within its ranks. Note that only uncollected Tariff's from the defending Leader's Bank can be Thieved in this way. A Wagon's Loot Capacity for Gold is smaller than its normal Loot Capacity, so bringing additional Wagons can help increase the amount of Gold that can be taken.


Thirdly, it can be obtained directly from the in-game Shop. Different amounts of Gold can be obtained through in-app purchases using real-world currency. During the beta, there will also be a daily allowance of 500 Gold that Leaders can obtain once every 24 hours.