Genesis City Edit

A Genesis City is a unique type of Capital City that functions as an NFT. Each Genesis City resides on a set location based on real-world cities from the Medieval Era (500-1500s CE). They each come with unique heritage architecture and are capable of being bought and sold using cryptocurrency on the Ethereum marketplace.   

**Each month, starting in December of 2019, there will be an auction on OpenSea for 8 Genesis Cities with unique architecture sets. The earlier the auction, the cheaper the Genesis City's starting price.**   

There will be 88 genesis cities in total. Players guaranteed resource-rich empire on the map before the game starts. 

Because these unique cities are NFTs, players can buy and sell them at east, similar to investing in desirable property. Genesis Cities have a strategic advantage due to their unique properties and locations, potentially paying for themselves over time. Each Genesis City also starts off with a common Hero and Relic, which affect Gold generation and Town buffs.  

The cities will be bought and sold on OpenSea, just like Heroes, Relics and Customizables.

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