Ethereum (ETH) Edit

Ethereum is a programmable blockchain cryptocurrency. CryptoCrusades is built on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning that all transactions in the game occur using ETH and are publicly available. Because of the public nature of blockchain technology, all exchanges of assets are secure.

Once you own an asset in CryptoCrusades, you own it permanently. For example, tradeable assets, such as Genesis Cities, Relics and other Craftable NFTs are all capable of being exchanged with other players for ETH, fueling the game economy of CryptoCrusades. Because they are owned on the Ethereum blockchain, they can also be traded outside of the game via blockchain trading sites like OpenSea.

In-game purchases all occur using Gold, which is deposited to or withdrawn from a Capital City using a linked Ethereum Wallet. If a player wants to invest in their city, ETH is converted to Gold and deposited into the Capital City. If a player earns Gold within the game through daily Airdrops, trading NFTs, or various other means, the Gold can be withdrawn out of the Capital City as ETH. In this sense, the Capital City functions as a cryptowallet. The value of Gold is one-to-one with Ethereum, so when you withdraw Gold from the game as ETH, you receive the current market value of ETH.*

*This mechanic is subject to change as per regulatory jurisdiction.

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