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There are 6 types of units in total: Spearman, Archer, Cavalry, Wagon, Siege, and Scholar. There are three phases to a battle: Siege Phase, Combat Phase, and Pillage Phase. The Siege Phase is where the siege first attacks to try to knock down a city’s wall level (see Siege). The siege disappears after the first phase regardless of whether they were successful or not.

The spearmen, archers, and cavalry fight during the Combat Phase. If the attacking army wins, the wagon and scholar are unaffected by this battle and the battle continues onto the Pillage phase. If the attacking army is defeated, then the scholars and wagons are killed along with the rest of the army. 

The pillage phase is where wagons can steal resources and Ethereum (see Wagon) and scholars can steal relics (see Scholar, Relics). Wagons can hold 50 resources each. Spearmen, Archers, and Cavalry steal resources too. Each unit can steal one resource at a time. The probability of which resource they steal is based on the ratio of resources the defending empire has, so the more wood an empire has, the more likely wood will get stolen.