CryptoCrusades Wiki

Combat lies at the core of CryptoCrusades gameplay and revolves around Missions. There are two different kinds of Missions that can be initiated from a Settlement: Attack Missions and Defense Missions. For Attack Missions, Leaders must recruit Units from the Barracks in order to send out Attack Missions. Units require certain amounts of Resources to recruit, and every Unit recruited counts towards your Barracks Capacity. Once you have recruited enough Units, Attacks can be launched by tapping the Attack button in the Barracks menu and selecting a Settlement to send your Units to.

Note: Sending out Units from a Settlement costs Food. Before sending out the mission, you’ll have a chance to confirm which Units you’re sending out, how long it will take for them to reach their destination, and the required food cost for sending them. After launching a mission, Leaders can view the progress of all missions in the Barracks menu.

Starting Attack Missions[]

When an army of Units arrive at an enemy Settlement, Leaders will need to tap its icon in the Barracks menu and select which kind of Attack Mission they want to conduct. There are four options available dependent on having the relevant Units in your army and Policies enacted:


The attacking army will assault the defending Settlement in an attempt to steal Resources. If successful, the attacking army will steal an amount of resources equal to their Loot Capacity. Wagons have a much larger Loot Capacity than other Units and can steal [] Gold if the army attacks a Capital City.


The attacking army will assault the defending Settlement in an attempt to take it over and assimilate it into their Empire. (Note: Only Towns may be Conquered; Capital Cities can only be Thieved). If successful, the Settlement will be taken from the defending Leader and will come under the ownership of the attack Leader’s Empire. In order to Conquer, the attacking Leader must have previously enacted the Conquest Policy, and the attacking army must have a Settler within its ranks.


The attacking army will assault the defending Settlement in an attempt to completely destroy it. (Note: Only Towns may be Razed; Capital Cities can only be Thieved). If successful, the defending Settlement will be removed from the map, and the defending Leader will no longer be able to Harvest Resources from its tiles. To Raze a Town, the attacking army must have a Siege Unit within its ranks.


If the Leader has second thoughts about attacking, they can choose to Recall their Units. This will send the army back to the Settlement it was launched from, but food spent in sending out the movement will not be regained.

Launching Defense Missions[]

In addition to sending out Units to attack enemies, Leaders can also send Units to other Settlements for the purposes of defense. Such movements are referred to as Garrison Missions, and they involve recalling Units to a Settlement after an Attack Mission or transferring them to other Settlements to bolster the Settlement’s defenses. They function very similarly to Attack Missions, but with some differences:


The Leader can choose to send an army of Units to another Settlement in their Empire. Once they arrive at their destination, the Units will be garrisoned at the Settlement’s Barracks upon confirmation of the Leader.


After an Attack Mission, the Leader must actively send their troops back to the Settlement they departed from. Once they arrive, the Leader must confirm their arrival, after which they will return to the Settlement’s Barracks.