There are five Classes in the game. Each class is available to every player and comes with a unique style of gameplay. Despite the class offerings, there are many gameplay options outside of the 5 official classes. Each class has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and also has access to a Policy Tree. Players can select policies unique to each class that offer various in-game bonuses. Classes have their own unique way of making Gold, which is transferable for ETH via the Bank. Each Class also has its own Class Achievements.

The 5 Official Classes are Warrior, Guardian, Merchant, Craftsman and Farmer.

Classes Edit

Warrior Edit

The Warrior Class excels at attacking, raiding and razing enemy Settlements. Warriors focus on developing small, but fierce armies with ample unit bonuses. Their primary mode of acquiring Gold is by defeating enemies.

Guardian Edit

The Guardian Class cultivates few, but easily defensible Settlements. Guardians receive defensive bonuses in their Policy choices. They prefer to generate their Gold over time by hoarding Relics, which increases their daily airdrop amount.

Merchant Edit

The Merchant Class specializes in commerce, generating Gold by trading with other empires. Merchant Policies support Town Settlements that exist far away from the capital and function as trading posts. They receive Policy bonuses for resource generation and trade. It is the only class capable of selling its Resources for Gold.

Artisan Edit

The Artisan Class is the optimal choice for crafting 3 types of NFTs: Heroes, Relics and Customizables. The Artisan Policies geared toward generation Inspiration, the primary Resource used in crafting NFTs. The Artisan generates Gold by selling and auctioning NFTs to other players.

Farmer Edit

The Farmer Class constructs vast empires with multiple Settlements. The Farmer's policies promote rapid expansion, leading to a swift acquisition of Resources. Because of its sprawling size, it is capable of generating Gold in a variety of ways.

Multi-classing Edit

The 5 classes come with degrees of flexibility. They function more as guides for differing styles of gameplay in CryptoCrusades. A player is capable of splitting policies between classes to create hybrid gameplay styles, know as multi-classing, thus mixing gameplay bonuses.

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