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A Capital City is the main Settlement of an Empire. Here, Leaders can access the most important Buildings in their Empire. (Note: A Genesis City is a unique type of Capital that can be bought and sold on the blockchain, among other unique in-game factors.)

As the administrative center of an Empire, a Capital City is generated whenever a Leader starts a new game and completes the beginning tutorial. The Capital City is bound to a Leader's blockchain wallet, acting as their account. It can be attacked and looted for Resources, but it can never be Conquered or Razed by another Leader. When a new Capital City is generated, it must be at least three tiles away from other Settlements.


The Capital City houses all the 6 main administrative Buildings for Empire management: the Warehouse, the Barracks, the Workshop, the Market, the Bank, and City Hall. It also acts as the Leader's first source of Resources: the Capital City has its own base Resource Yield on top of the Resources it can gain from Harvesting. While establishing Towns will help increase an Empire's Resource Yield and military strength, the Capital City will remain at the center of all major developments.

Genesis City[]

Genesis Cities are a special type of Capital City. They are functionality identical to Capital Cities, but are considered tradeable NFTs on the blockchain that can be traded between players. Genesis Cities have set locations and retain the same ownership across all worlds.