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Buildings are structures in CryptoCrusades that are built in the Settlements of an Empire, which can be viewed through both the Empire map and on the in-game map. They play an important role in the management of an Empire, allowing Leaders to recruit Units, enact Policies, increase Resource Yield, and more. The functions and bonuses imparted by Buildings can be improved through upgrading them at the Empire map.

Types of Buildings[]

Buildings can be divided into two categories: Capital City Buildings and Town Buildings. Capital City Buildings serve as the most important Buildings in the Empire, and with the exception of the Barracks can only be built and upgraded in the Capital City. Town Buildings serve as support structures and can be built in empty slots in Towns established by Settlers.

Capital City Buildings[]

icon Bank[]

The Bank generates Gold for the Empire by allowing Leaders to collect Tariffs from different sources. As the Bank is upgraded, more Tariff sources will be unlocked and its Gold production will grow.

icon Barracks[]

The Barracks is the main military Building of the Empire, and it can be found in all Settlements. Barracks are used to recruit Units, send out and monitor Combat Missions, and Settle new Towns. The Barracks Log can also be found here.

icon City Hall[]

City Hall is where Leaders can spend Policy Points to enact Policies. Policies are crucial to the expansion of an Empire because they can unlock new Units and Buildings as well as improve upon a variety of different aspects.

icon Warehouse[]

The Warehouse stores all of the Empire’s Resources, with the exception of Gold. Upgrading it increases the Warehouse’s max storage capacity. The Workshop will be unlocked once the Warehouse reaches Lv. 5.

icon Workshop[]

The Workshop is where Leaders can smelt Metal and craft NFTs. It is also where Trinkets are stored and where Cosmetics are stored and equipped. In addition to establishing Settlements near Mountain tiles, it is one of the main sources of Inspiration, an important Resource for NFT crafting.

Town Buildings[]

(List of all Town Buildings)[]

Town Buildings are built in empty slots of Towns established by a Leader. Most Town Buildings serve to increase the Resource Yield of nearby tiles. All Town Buildings are tied to Town Building Policies, which the Leader must enact before they can build them.

Note: If a Town Building Policy is rescinded, any affected Town Buildings with become ineffective.


Leaders can customize the appearance of buildings with Cosmetic NFTs called Architecture. All five Capital City Buildings, as well as the Houses and Walls of all Settlements, have Architecture in different styles and colors, with each style representing a historic civilization. Architecture does not impart in-game effect and exists purely for decoration or for eventual trading with other Leaders.